Fossil Repositories

FilenameProject NameLast ModifiedLogin Group
private/baconDagger.fossil Bacon Dagger 316.3 days ISMEOW
private/elementalQuest.fossil Elemental Quest 4.49 years ISMEOW
private/eternalEsculent.fossil Keen Eternal Esculent Provider 5.91 years ISMEOW
private/feisty.fossil Feisty 5.29 years ISMEOW
private/holyMackerel.fossil HolyMackerel 5.96 years ISMEOW
private/lain.fossil Serial Experiments 58.6 minutes ISMEOW
private/lochRasterPlatine.fossil LochRasterPlatine 2.67 years ISMEOW
private/moonbase.fossil Moonbase 4.67 years ISMEOW
private/pinkWoodenButter.fossil Pink Wooden Butter 4.86 years ISMEOW
private/redPeasant.fossil Red Peasant 5.55 years ISMEOW
private/spatialFight.fossil spatialFight 4.65 years ISMEOW
private/temporalPest.fossil Temporal Pest 327.1 days ISMEOW
public/adventOfCode.fossil Advent of Code 5.96 years ISMEOW
public/godot-janet.fossil godot-janet 2.46 years ISMEOW
public/myxle.fossil myxle 30.0 days ISMEOW
public/shed.fossil The Shed 5.5 days ISMEOW
public/spaaaceMaybe.fossil Fun with OpenGL 5.18 years ISMEOW
public/vrkbnch.fossil VRkbnch 2.19 years ISMEOW
public/wjpu.fossil wjpu 285.2 days ISMEOW