native Janet bindings for wgpu and glfw

There is my development fossil repository you may clone, but if you prefer git, you may clone the github repo instead.

Issues should be filed on github.

You can also follow the project on cohost

My workflow is in fossil, so the github repo might be a bit outdated, eventually i should implement some sort of automatism to keep the repos in sync, but for now i am ok with doing it by hand every week or so. Whenever i make some progress i will make a commit on github :D

For "bleeding egde", clone this fossil repo as below.


fossil open https://www.awesemble.de/cgi-bin/fossil/public/wjpu --workdir wjpu --repodir ..

will give you a similar experience to

git clone https://github.com/kamisori/wjpu

except you will end up with a wjpu.fossil file in the folder above the workdir.

i like to put a .fossil folder containing all the files like: *.fossil somewhere like the root of the folder holding the workfolders. This way the workfolder isn't cluttered with database files. there is actually no requirement for the *.fossil fileextension at this time, so you could name it .fossil.reponame instead and have it hidden and also "namespaced" away in autocomplete but in the same folder still.

i know it doesnt matter if you give a program a path to a directory with or without the ending slash/backslash, but it just ticks me off when autocomplete bumps into the databasefile's dot in its name when cd-ing from my work dir into a projects workdir, or at all on autocomplete in the shell... i dont want to interact with the fossil databasefile directly (most of the time).


for the purpose of this document i will refer to this projects root as ./wjpu/


Download the wgpu distribution for 'any' platform to use this projects jpm file. see also eliemichels tutorial on webgpu which i used to write all this.

copy to your ./wjpu/ and extract like e.g. this:

unzip WebGPU-distribution-wgpu.zip

you should end up with a folderstructure like:


webgpu-release shim

also the webgpu-release compatibility shim to make a transition to dawn easier in the future. Put this file into:


git clone the following into ./wjpu/:
build glfw

in ./wjpu/ execute:

cmake -S ./glfw/ -B ./glfw/build/
cmake --build ./glfw/build/


this is using cjanet from spork. so get and install janet from janet-lang.org get and bootstrap jpm and:

jpm install spork

clone repo and position yourself into its root, then run the c code generating rule before building to get fresh bindings made out of cjanet code:

jpm run gen
jpm build
jpm test

on windows you could just call jake.bat and it'll do all that in one go. i added a jake.sh for similar convenience on linux